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“Squeal Solution” brake kits for Land Rover

If you’ve ever driven a late model Land Rover you have most likely experienced that annoying squeal when you brake. Motorcars Ltd. is all too familiar with squealing brakes and for years, our shop customers have been coming to us seeking a solution to the problem.

Invariably, we discovered that the pads had been replaced with the “pad of the week” brake special, rotors that were not replaced with pads, or the rotors and/or pads were not installed correctly.

Through much research, trial and error, Motorcars Ltd. has come up with the “squeal solution”.

 The Squeal Solution

Having tried multiple combinations of different types and brands of brake disc rotors with multiple and varied brake pads in our own shops, Motorcars Ltd. found the winning combination.

We have sold many, many of our “squeal solution” sets of rotors and pads and have made many very happy customers as a result.

Using a premium quality geomet coated disc rotor manufactured in the UK and premium quality ceramic brake pads, Motorcars has eliminated the dreaded brake squeal, rusty rotors and ugly black dust.

Call us today with your Land Rover’s year, model and VIN and we can put together a package for your specific vehicle.

Features & Benefits:

  • Premium quality geomite coated disc rotor
  • Premium quality ceramic brake pads
  • Dreaded brake squeal eliminated
  • No more rusted brake rotors
  • No more ugly black brake dust

This is not just a repair it is a solution.

The Experts at Motorcars Ltd can install a “Squeal Solution” brake kit on your Land Rover today. Get rid of that embarrassing brake squeal once and for all. Add a BG brake service and really get your brake system performing in like new condition. Schedule your Brake Service at our Houston area location – Houston Central – we are ready to serve you!