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Motorcars Ltd Reveals “Squeal Solution” Brake Kits For Land Rover
Having tried multiple combinations of different types and brands of brake disc rotors with multiple and varied brake pads in our own shops, Motorcars Ltd found the winning combination. Call us today with your Land Rover’s year, model and VIN and we can put together a package for your specific vehicle.
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Why You Need a Specialist
You own one of the most distinctive production cars in the world. You own it for a reason. You made the conscious decision to buy it. Your “buy decision” made a personal statement or fulfilled a lifetime desire to own…
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2004-2010 XJ8 Air Suspension Conversion Kit
Motorcars ltd’s latest solution is the Air Suspension Conversion Kit a permanent solution to the troublesome 2004-2010 XJ8 air suspension system.
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Read About Our New Blog
Motorcars Ltd now has it’s own offical Blog. This is the place where we will share Customer Reviews, Service Tips and our Thoughts on all that is Jaguar, Land Rover and MINI Cooper. Pop in and take a look and subscribe today.
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The Rover Shoppe is Now Motorcars Ltd
The Rover Shoppe and Motorcars Ltd, both of Houston, Texas have entered into an agreement whereby the Rover Shoppe would merge into the Motorcars family.
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