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In these dark times everyone is looking for something to feel good about…. We live on a blue sphere careening through space. It is a dangerous, unforgiving and random place to live. We actually have no rights. We have no guarantees…. mostly, we endure things like the Corona Virus and our political “process”. Endurance does not have to be bad. I have a 1966 Mustang Shelby clone – it is a 325 HP, bad ass, thundering and crisp blast from the past. This morning I pulled it out of the stable and with a little help, started it up and went for a loud and rewarding cruise…. I have returned with a different view of life. For 48 years, Motorcars Ltd has catered to owners of classic cars, special interest cars and real barn burning muscle cars that make our customers “feel good about something” …. for 48 years, we have catered to the Walter Mitty in each of our customers. Eventually, this virus thing will be over, and when it is over, then it is highly probable that all of the objects of pleasure sitting in your garages will not start, fly, ride or thunder as they should. Now is the perfect time to revisit your repair and restoration needs…. bring them to us to work on while we wait for these times to pass…. let us make them ready for the next running of the bulls… Keep in mind that we work on all interesting cars – classic, muscle, British, American classics and so on… key word is “interesting”. I have returned from my Mustang ride with a renewed understanding of “why we do this”…. and for the same reasons, you should be ready when it is time to blast off…. and not have to wait for us to make the repair on the first beautiful day you want to ride….. Lean forward… get it ready.. We are.