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Land Rover Discovery

Motorcars LTD has provided top quality service and repair for the Land Rover Discovery ever since its introduction into the North America. In Houston, Texas we continue to be the experts on all Land Rover models.

But let’s take a closer look at the first Discovery.

The Land Rover Discovery was originally designed in an attempt to offer a more affordable alternative to the Range Rover Classic. The first versions of the Land Rover Discovery offered a lot of choices in power train and trim levels in 1989 when first introduced in the U.K.

The car was offered as a three door delivery truck or station wagon with a 2.0 liter Petrol 4 cylinder, two different diesel offerings on up to the 3.5 V-8 power plant.

In 1990 the five door version became available, and in 1994 the vehicle was introduced into the North American Market with a 3.9 liter V-8. The 1996 model year saw the introduction of the 4.0

The Land Rover Discovery is a more than capable off road vehicle that had gained in popularity with off-road enthusiasts in the U.S. market as well as globally.

Even though the last Land Rover Discovery Series One was built in 1999, we still see these quite a few of these cars on the road, as well as in various state of upgrades and modification in our shop here at Motorcars LTD.

At Motorcars LTD we take great pride in being able to stay up to date with all of the changes in the Land Rover world, from special tools to technology, and would be more than happy to Service or Repair your Land Rover Discovery, no matter what year you drive.