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Range Rover Sport Service in Houston

Introduced into the North American market in 2005, the Range Rover Sport is a highly sophisticated Luxury Sport Utility Vehicle. The first generation Sport is designated the L320, seats five due to it’s shorted chassis, and is powered by a 4.4 liter AJ V-8 that makes just shy of 300 horsepower. A 4.2 liter Supercharged option delivers 390 horsepower.

Based on a modified LR3 chassis, it retains the four wheel independent air suspension, but with several high tech modifications that make the car much more nimble in traffic and stable at speed.

In 2010 The Range Rover Sport was upgraded with a newly designed 5.0 liter that provides 375 horsepower in Naturally Aspirated form, but is up to 510 horsepower when equipped with a Supercharger.

The second generation Sport, or L494 was introduced in 2013 and now uses an all aluminum monocoque body like the L405 Range Rover. The new body is approximately 400 pounds lighter than the previous Sport and with up to almost a dozen optional engines, this thing is a beast!

Motorcars Ltd is Land Rover Qualified

Motorcars Ltd is passionate about Land Rovers, from the first 1949 Series 1 all the way to the most current models. On any given day, you are sure to see six to eight daily driven late models like the Land Rover Discovery, as well as full size Range Rovers, Sports, LR3 and LR4 that are in for service or repair.
Our team of professional technicians are enthusiastic and are ASE Master Certified and/or factory trained. Each of them is dedicated to achieving “expert” status on all things Land Rover.

In addition to having the finest technicians for Land Rover service and repair, we have invested in the most current state-of-the-art diagnostic systems, designed specifically for Land Rover.