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Motorcars Ltd Jaguar, Land Rover & MINI Cooper Tech Tips

Here are some tips from some of our Motorcars Ltd technicians, clicking on a link to read the full tech tip will take you to our blog spot.

Technician Tips on our Blog Spot

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How to Save on Gas
With Gas prices reaching an all time high we thought it was time to revisit some gas saving tips and techniques.

Jaguar Cooling Fan Control Module Corrosion Prevention
1992-1994 Jaguar Sedans are prone to low battery charges due to corrosion of the Cooling Fan Control Module.

Troubleshoot Your ABS Light
This Tech Tip is for the 1988-1989 Jaguar XJ6.

Active Cornering Enhancement
How to tell if your Discovery 2 has the ACE system.

How to Find Your Land Rover Engine Serial Number
The serial number of your Land Rover can come in handy. Some Land Rover parts require the engine number and can not be acquired without it.

How to Clear a “Windows Not Set” Fault Code
Are you getting a “Windows Not Set” Fault in Your Rover? Let Motorcars LTD help you clear it up.