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The South East Texas Car Repair Shop Tour or, How to Go Into Debt Making Poor Decisions

Here is a story about something that we see and experience far too often…

We hear from a lot of “new customers” who either call or bring their cars in…. who have been on what we call “the Southeast Texas Car Repair Shop Tour”……

For instance… they have a problem with their car, so they get on their computer and look to some “internet forum”, where “all the experts meet” and where they find what they believe to be the fix to their problem. So…Plan A !

They recruit their brother in law – he works on steam cleaners and pressure washers — to order the parts that the online forum said would fix the problem. The brother in law and the owner then spend the next two weekends installing the internet parts and spending another $450. plus two cases of beer. It does not fix the problem ..…

So he moves on to Plan B. He drives the car, check engine light glowing, down to Johnny at his local gas station and has him take a full swing at fixing it for another $600. and then some. But this effort does not fix the problem either…. But now the car has this “funny noise” on acceleration …..

Okay so he’s out a grand or so and a couple of cases of beer. He decides to stop fooling around and implement Plan C!

Confidently he steers his car-in-need to see “Robert” at the local foreign car shop (which is right down the street from the gas station). Robert works on Asian cars and has all kinds of computers to help him. So he gets Robert to give it a shot and spends another $800 trying to fix the problem…. but it is still not fixed.

So now, (you guessed it), they are on our door step at Motorcars Ltd with a litany of woe, a broken car and with a broken bank account…. and asking us to fix the car for what they think they “can afford”…. Pulleeezzze ?

“….but i have already spent over $2000 on this problem….. “.

“Help me please, please”.

The problem is that now, for us to fix the car, we will have to undo all that has been done and then figure out what the original problem is… and then fix it….  for say $800……only to have this now “very grateful” customer who, having found us, is now going to trade his now fixed car for a new car with a warranty….. and we will never see the customer again….

We call this the “Great Southeast Texas Car Repair Shop Tour”…

The lesson: had they brought the car to us in the beginning, then it would have cost them some amount of money (more than the gas station) but it would have been fixed once and for all…  and certainly for less than the slow investments in hope and despair with the hacks on the tour..…

Understand that this story is actually all too true. We hear from this guy almost daily. In every case, we could have saved him money, and a lot of grief.

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