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CV-19 is not a political event. It is a health event. Please do not be confused. CV-19 is happening.

The political spectrum has their opinion as to what is “really happening”. . the left and the right are galactically rabid and opinionated in their own agendas. The medical community is scrambling to find money, protocols, and the science with which to solve the virus puzzel.

The medical community is not divided. Oddly enough, the medical community has been to medical school; the medical community has treated patients worldwide; the medical community is paid to produce answers and make recommendations in human health issues and terms; and the medical community recommends best practices based upon the science they understand.

The political community has no study prerequisites for office. They can be of any stripe, education creed, color or political persuasion. All they come to the table with is an opinion and an agenda. If they are smart, they listen to the people who know their fields and formulate an actionable strategy. (I say that you should “not hire a dog and bark yourself”). Politicians have only the thought that they “must win the next election”….

The medical community says that the virus is spreading in Houston and in Texas at a record pace; the medical community is saying that the virus is here to stay for a while….

The medical community is not paid to have a political position; only the politicians are paid to have a political position.

The politicians want to be re-elected and will say anything they can to shift blame for their lack of responsibility and management of the epidemic. Some politicians want to use the virus as another stick in the “you are a racist” game… and politicize it… or “polarize it” just a little further. The medical community is in it for the long run.