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We work on a lot of cars – driven cars, pampered cars, hanger queens, projects, dreams on four wheels, and some memory wagons.… all of them arrive at our door step with a story. Many are actually driven in… many are not so lucky and get a flatbed ride.

Here they are…. The owners and the cars BOTH have a story… and more often than not, the owner’s story does not coincide with the car’s story or condition. The confusion has to do with wishes of what it will take to get it back on the road… and what the car actually needs.

  • “Please fix my xyz”…
  • “My best friend’s bother-in-law said that it should only cost “this much””….
  • “I have all of the parts that you need in the trunk. I bought them on line” …. “It has been at Joe Pete’s garage for four months and they cannot fix it”…. “I have been researching on line, and this is how you do it ….”
  • Eventually, the car and the owner come to an understanding… sometimes it is easy… sometimes it seems to take forever…. It is like political circle talk…. The operative word is “eventually”… in that “eventually” we are able to get the car to talk …. (please note that some people actually believe in talking rabbits; we actually believe in talking cars).

We can speed up the investigative process by asking the right questions…

  • “What is the car not doing that you think that it SHOULD be doing ?”; or
  • “What is the car doing that you think it SHOULD NOT be doing ?”
  • “When did the issue start ?”
  • “When was the last service – who did it and what was done and why?”
  • “When will you need your car back ?”
  • “Does the car have at least ½ tank of gas ?” (this is very important) !

You can help us by not….

  • “Telling us what your “best friend’s brother in law thinks is wrong with the car”.
  • “ Bringing a box of recently purchased parts from on-line parts companies with the idea that we will need them (because it has supposedly already been diagnosed) and that we will install them….(but, we will not)”.
  • “Thinking we are a gas station and will fill your car up when you don’t do so.”

    All of this is important so that we can test drive and diagnose, repair, check our work, and deliver the car back to you as quickly and as efficiently as possible. It all starts with helping us accurately streamline the information gathering process and thence the repair process.

Help Us Help You.

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