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You own one of the most distinctive production cars in the world. You own it for a reason. You made the conscious decision to buy it. Your buy decision’ made a personal statement or fulfilled a lifetime desire to own one. You did not buy it because it was an ‘economy car’. To be frank, you knew from your reading and research that these cars do not reside in the ‘Top Ten Trouble-Free Cars of All Time’…

We have been in the automotive service business for 51 years, specializing in Jaguar, Land Rover, British Classic’s, and MINI… that’s it. We can fix all sorts of cars, but in the end, over the years, we have developed a personal relationship with the quirks and the needs of these specific cars… I would never say, ‘we have seen it all’ – not with these cars (every now and then they like to demonstrate their unpredictability) – but I am certain we have seen ‘most of it’…

Our service center caters to the owners of Jaguars, Land Rovers, British Classic’s, and MINIs and also to other general repair shops who may work on these cars from time to time… yes, other independent shops actually do bring these cars to us, routinely, and we routinely repair them and send them back to their owners having repaired them anonymously.

Why do other repair shops come to us to fix their customer’s cars? Because they discover early out that they are in deep water, and to their credit, they recognize their situation and they ask for our help.

But, more often than not, the other shops just ‘muddle through’ and deliver a repair that is, at best, ‘a patch’… in which the repair may have temporarily fixed the symptom, but not the cause. In glaring cases, the customer is asked to pay for repairs they actually did not need along the journey to finding the ‘real’ problem, finally.

‘Oh, but we don’t need the cavalry to change our oil or change our spark plugs or to ‘pull a trouble code’… Johnny does that all the time for our Tahoe. Johnny is close by and is so nice and friendly’.

After ‘Johnny’ has tried everything he can think of to find and repair the lingering problem you have been complaining about… after you have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars later, the car ends up in our shop with the frustrated instruction: ‘I can’t spend any more money on this car, just get it fixed so I can trade it in’.

The medical profession adheres to the ‘Hippocratic Oath’ in which the doctor swears he will do his patients ‘no harm’. There is no such oath for automotive technicians. To ‘practice automotive mechanics’ a motivated individual only needs a set of Craftsman tools and a box full of generic electronic testers to get started.

National chains and local independents say they can change your oil, check your brakes, and ’20-point-inspect your vehicle’.. but exactly ‘who’ is doing the work ? .. exactly ‘who’ is doing the looking and what exactly does ‘who’ know about your car and what he is looking ‘at’ ?

And therein lies the problem…

Either by omission or by commission, without the specific product knowledge, ‘Johnny’ can do more harm to your car and to your pocket book than you can imagine.

Jaguar, Land Rover, British Classic, and MINI repair is not a part time endeavor at Motorcars Ltd. It is all we do. All of our employees are experts in the specifics of these cars and have made careers of the best repair practices in the industry.

We offer three different oil change options for a specific reason. We have brand specific and very expensive diagnostic computer equipment. We have technicians dedicated to providing our customers with the best solutions to their maintenance and repair needs that only a specialist is able to provide.

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