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Motorcars Ltd Will Perform Basic Maintenance on Any Vehicle You Own?

When your Jaguar, Land Rover, or Mini Cooper, requires service you bring it to Motorcars LTD because you trust us and rely on our ASE certified technicians to repair your vehicle correctly.

Now, just like a handful of Motorcars’ long-time customers have been doing for years, you can bring any vehicle you own – regardless of its manufacturer – to us for routine maintenance and basic repairs.

Whether you own an exotic European model or a Japanese sub-compact, next time it’s due for maintenance or requires service, take a moment to call and discuss it with your Motorcars LTD service advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Doesn’t Motorcars only worked on Jaguar, Land Rover & Mini Cooper?

Motorcars is a specialized shop, but our technicians are capable of performaing routine maintenance on practically any vehicle.

 What services do you offer?

Any service not requireing specialized diagnostic equipment or tools.

 Is the hourly rate different for other vehicle makes?

We use the same hourly labor rate regardless of vehicle make.

 What is the warranty?

Our warranty is 12 Months – 12,000 miles.

 I have a Motorcars coupon that I never used. Can I use it on any vehicle I have serviced?

Yes, if the coupon is valid it applies to any vehicle!

Motorcars Ltd can maintain not only your Jaguar, Land Rover or MINI but also your other family vehicles as well with personalized service and reasonable prices. Click on our Houston area location – Houston Central – and schedule your service today!