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Upgrade the Transmission Pan on your late model Land Rover

Motorcars Ltd offers a Transmission Pan Conversion service that will upgrade the factory plastic transmission pan/filter combo to a more durable and easy to service option.

 Bad factory design

The factory transmission pan is made of plastic and has the transmission filter built into it. This requires the removal of the exhaust as well as some mounts when the transmission is in need of service. The factory design makes the servicing of your Land Rover’s transmission more expensive every time a fluid & filter service is required, as a complete pan replacement is needed as well as the labor on the extensive process of removal.

 Motorcars Ltd has a solution and an upgrade

Motorcars Ltd can provide you with a Transmission Pan Conversion service to replace and upgrade the factory pan. Our service will remove the plastic factory pan/filter combo with a more durable steel pan and separate transmission filter. Once the service is done all that is needed for future transmission maintenance is a new filter and fresh fluid, the extensive removal process is eliminated and you won’t have to purchase another expensive transmission pan.

 Here is a quick look at our upgrade process

Looking up at the factory plastic transmission pan.

Factory Pan 1

Look at all the obstacles that must be dealt with during the removal process.

Factory Pan

During our conversion service the technician will remove the mounting screws and cutoff the filter stem, no removal of the exhaust required as the replacement will slide right in.


The Transmission Pan Conversion Kit before installation.

New separate filter installed first.

New metal pan slides right in.

Bolt the new pan down and add some fluid – and we are done with the service.

The Experts at Motorcars Ltd can perform the Transmission Pan Conversion Service on your late model Land Rover today. Future maintenance will be a breeze. Schedule your Service at Houston Central we are ready to serve you.