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Active Cornering Enhancement (ACE) is an optional feature on Series II Discoveries that reduces body lean during cornering. It is part of a “Performance Package” option that also includes 18 inch wheels and tires.

The 4 things to look for to tell if a Series II Disco has ACE

More About Ace

Discovery Series II is the only production sport-utility vehicle that features Active Cornering Enhancement (ACE), an optional system that reduces vehicle body lean during cornering.

Two accelerometers detect and instruct the ACE computer to counteract vehicle body lean by applying torque to the vehicle’s torsion bars via a system of hydraulically controlled actuators. ACE virtually eliminates lateral body movement up to 0.4 g. Above that threshold, the system allows a progressively higher degree of lean as cornering forces increase. This lets the driver feel that the vehicle is approaching its cornering limit.

ACE can counteract up to 1.0 g of lateral acceleration in less than 130 milliseconds, helping to make Discovery Series II feel more stable and responsive during cornering. The reduced vehicle body movement also increases passenger comfort.

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