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Are you getting a “Windows Not Set” Fault in Your Rover? Let Motorcars LTD help you clear it up.


“I took out the battery of my 1995 Range Rover 4.0SE (P38 body style) to get it checked at a local auto parts store. When I came back to install it, I turned on my car and on the dashboard it said, “Windows not set.” I tried looking for a reset button, but did not find anything. I also disconnected the negative side of the battery for 15 minutes and connected it once again, but no results. Do you know what may be the problem?”


What you need to do is open each window and then close them one at a time, holding the switch in the up position until the display reads “window set”. Open the sunroof fully then close it and press the switch again to open it to the vent position. This will reset the sunroof.

If the display continues to show “window not set” just lower it fully and then raise it again holding the switch when it gets to the top. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 tries.

Phil Prince
Master Technician
Motorcars LTD Forums moderator