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Here’s some helpful tips on what to do if your vehicle is in a flood.

Has your vehicle been sitting in high water? Here are some tips to keep you from damaging your vehicle, and keep it roadworthy.

    • Car Flood Tips:
    • Do not start the vehicle – It’s tempting to turn the key and see if the car still works, but if there is water in the engine, attempting to start it could damage it beyond repair.
    • Determine how deep the car was submerged – Mud and debris usually leave a waterline on the car, inside as well as out. If the water didn’t rise above bottom of the doors, your car will probably be fine.
    • Check the oil and the air cleaner – If you see droplets of water on the dipstick or the level of the oil is high, or if the air filter has water in it, do not attempt to start the engine.
    • Check all the other fluids – Fuel systems on late-model cars are usually sealed, but older cars may need to have their fuel systems drained. Brake, clutch, power steering and coolant reservoirs should be checked for contamination.

Call on the experts at Motorcars Ltd. We will arrange to have your vehicle towed into our shop and give your vehicle an inspection to see what is needed to prevent any further water damage.

We use high quality BG products and equipment to remove and replace your vehicle fluids. See all the BG services Motorcars Ltd. offers below, click a link and view the benefit of each service.

 Motorcars Ltd. BG Program

    • BG Fuel System Service – Water in your fuel system will give you trouble with acceleration and performance and will give you a hesitation when accelerating. This fuel service is needed along with draining your fuel tank to ensure all the water is removed.
    • BG Power Steering Service – If you get water in your power steering system it can destroy the power steering pump and/or the steering rack or power assist hydraulics. Our BG service pumps out the contaminated fluid, cleans the system and replaces it with fresh fluid.
    • BG Transmission Service – A small amount of water in your transmission can create massive problems. If you handle it quickly you can save yourself a complete transmission failure. This service rids the transmission of contaminated fluid and flushes your system out (filter change needed as well).
    • BG Cooling Service – Mixing flood water with antifreeze in your cooling system can damage modern vehicles that are designed to run on a particular mixture of water and antifreeze. The antifreeze mixture provides the corrosion inhibiting properties your engine needs. This service can bring back that delicate balance your engine requires.
    • BG Brake Service – Water in your brake system can damage seals, rust working components and severely lower the boiling point of the brake fluid, causing the brakes to fail when hot. This service removes the contaminated fluid, cleans the system and replaces the fluid.

Most BG services come with free “Road Side Assistance” and your vehicle may be eligible for “BG ‘s Lifetime Protection Program” call Motorcars Ltd. service center 713-863-9388 or click here.

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  1. Motorcars Ltd. can removed the stress of worrying about your MINI, Jaguar or Land Rover’s possible water damage. Don’t wait to contact us on water related issues that can cost thousands to repair if left unattended. We want to keep you and your car on the road for years to come. Schedule your Service Houston Central¬† we are ready to serve you and answer any question you might have.