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We know that car repair can be confusing, especially for beginners. Fixing your own vehicle requires a familiarity with car terms and their abbreviations. So take a look at Motorcars LTD’s list of standard abbreviations for common vehicle terms. We’ve included both general vehicle abbreviations and terms specific to Jaguar and Land Rover.

Standard Abbreviations for Common Vehicle Terms

Abbreviation Definition Term
14CUX Designation for Lucas fuel injection
A/C Air Conditioning
A/R As Required
ABS Anti-Lock Braking System
ACE Active Cornering Enhancement
Assy Assembly
Auto Automatic Gearbox
BCM Body Control Module
BECM Body Electrical Control Module
C/R Compression Ratio
Carb Carbureator Models
CCU Central Control Unit
CKD Completely Knocked Down
EAS Electronic Air Suspension
g Grams
GEMS Generic Engine Management System
HEVAC Heating Ventillation Air Conditioning
LWB Long Wheel Base
MEMS Modular Engine Management System
MPS Multi Point Sensing Airbag type 1
NLS No Longer Serviced
NSS Not Supplied Separately
O/D Overdrive
PAS Power Assisted Steering
PeInj Petrol Injection Models
S/D Order on Service Division
SLABS Self-levelling Braking System
SPO Special Order
SPS Single Point Sensing Airbag type 2
SS Selected Sizes
SWB Short Wheel Base