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Fluid contamination is the chief cause of premature wear in the power steering system

The older your steering fluid, the less agile your steering.

 Old power steering fluid turns into costly repair

Oxidation by-products, hose material and metallic debris accumulate in the fluid. As contaminated fluid is pumped through the system under very high pressure, it causes abrasive wear in the pump and rack assembly. Old fluid can quickly damage and destroy bushings, seals, bearings and gears. This leads to pump noise, erratic steering (especially when the system is cold) and eventual mechanical failure.

Fluid should be changed when you experience:

  • Squealing from sticky valve
  • Whining and grinding noises on sharp turns
  • Jerky and erratic steering
  • Wear metals, hose and seal debris found in the fluid

 We recommend regular service of your vehicle’s power steering system

Using specialized equipment, our technicians will add BG Quick Clean for Power Steering to the power steering system to effectively remove accumulated residues.

Then the worn-out fluid and suspended debris will be flushed out. Drive belts, hoses and connections will be thoroughly inspected and replaced if necessary.

Specially formulated BG Power Clean will be pumped into the system. BG Power Clean contains highly effective ingredients not found in ordinary power steering fluid. Anti-wear agents help prevent wear in the spool valve housing and other components. Special anti-oxidants prevent fluid breakdown and extend the useful life and lubricity of the fluid. Seal conditioners keep seals pliable, thus preventing annoying and often harmful fluid leaks.

View the video below to get a better understanding of the BG Power Steering Service performed by Motorcars Ltd.

The Experts at Motorcars Ltd can perform the BG Power Steering Service on your MINI, Jaguar, or Land Rover today. Old power steering fluid turns into trouble fast. Schedule your service at our Houston area location – Houston Central – we are ready to serve you!