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This Tech Tip is for the 1988-1989 Jaguar XJ6.

It finally happened. Your ABS light has reared it’s ugly head and is now staring you in the face. Worst of all, the light is on while your Jaguar XJ6 isn’t even moving. It’s not that you are ignoring it, you just don’t know what to do. Well, read on for the information you need.

The Problem: 1988-1989 Jaguar XJ6 ABS light is coming on while the car is not moving.

The Solution: Follow This Troubleshooting Guide:

  • Check alternator for charging – Without an expensive alternator testing machine, it is hard to know with complete certainty whether your alternator is charging properly. However, this will give you a general idea. Connect a volt meter to your car’s battery (positive to positive and negative to negative). Start your vehicle and take notice of the voltage output on the volt meter. If there is an increase in voltage when the car is started, your alternator is probably good. If there is not an increase in voltage, it is probably bad.
  • Replace ABS/Overvoltage relay – If your alternator is charging properly, replace the ABS/Overvoltage relay. It is located in the trunk behind the carpeted panel just forward of the fuel filler neck.
    Note: More often than not, this will be the problem
  • Replace ABS computer
    Note: Although it is possible that this is your problem, it rarely fails.

The Problem: What if the ABS light comes on while my car is in motion?.

The Solution: If your ABS light comes on above 5 mph, you probably have a bad wheel speed sensor. Without an oscilloscope, it will be difficult to know with certainty which sensor is bad. However, you can use on ohm meter to get a general idea. Unplug the ABS sensor from the wheel. Use your ohm meter to read the level on the sensor. If it reads between 1,000 and 1,100 ohms, the sensor is probably good.

Hope this is helpful if your ABS starts acting up, of course our highly trained technicians at 1 of our 2 Houston area locations – Houston Central or Houston Midtown can handle any ABS related repair if you don’t feel like tackling the issue yourself.